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Galvanising Only

Through our related company Silverwood Enterprises Ltd we offer a ‘galvanising only’ service. Silverwood operate the largest galvanising bath in Ireland and all steel is galvanised to the relevant international standard – ISO EN 1461.

Sizes for Galvanising in one dip: 12m in length, 1.5m in width and 1.8m in height.

The Sprint Coatings yard operates as a depot for steel to collected and delivered on regular timings.

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Taping & Protection Service

For Aluminium

For aluminium extrusions protective taping is machine applied.
For aluminium presswork protective taping is manually applied. Protective tapes are suitable for up to 6 months after application.

For Steel

For steel and galvanised steel work a heavy-duty ‘heat-shrink’ plastic wrapping is available for extra protection in transit and on site.

Ireland Architectural Powder Coating | Sprint Coatings

sprint coatings ltd
Transport Service

Ireland Architectural Powder Coating | Sprint Coatings


Large Volumes and Small Volumes – Our 2-acre site is sufficient to handle large and small contracts. With a fleet of forklift trucks we can handle the vast majority of transportable materials.

Transport: Sprint operates 2 30’ Rigid trucks for collection and delivery purposes. We are experts in the safe and secure handled of coated items for delivery back to customers or to sites.

Packaging: Coated aluminium, steel or galvanised items can be easily damaged without proper protection when handling or transporting. We offer:

  • Taped services for extrusions and presswork
  • Secure shrink wrapping for palletised goods

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